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The Grid Link Action Group is a local Kildare-based group campaigning to protect the regions of Kildare, Laois and West Wicklow against the erection of overhead pylons as part of EirGrid’s Grid25 GridLink route.
Grid Link Action Group (GAG) aims to challenge EirGrid’s pylon project to ensure that key protections are contained within the GridLink route that protect the health, the homes, the businesses, landscape and heritage of County Kildare.
The membership comprises a diverse range of skillsets – legal, public affairs, public relations, health and environmental – and is focused on ‘steering progress, not stopping it’  The group meets weekly and all campaign actions are organized and monitored by an elected committee.
GAG has campaigned, petitioned and lobbied senior Government Ministers and employed legal and communications experts to persistently challenge EirGrid’s Grid25 plans.
Our campaign team remains active, vigilant, concerned and focused.
But we need your continued support to help us sustain the pressure on EirGrid, on our public representatives, and on the line Ministers responsible for this project to ensure that EirGrid’s preferred massive 400KV overhead pylon route option is never constructed.
We still need your help. You can play your part as an individual who counts and who wants your voice heard.
Remember you as an individual have the power to influence this change.
Contact your local public representatives and make your views known and/or contact our Committee members and lend your support.


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