Why We Need Your Help

The Fight goes on
The Grid Link Action Group has campaigned, petitioned and lobbied senior Government Ministers and employed legal and communications experts to persistently challenge EirGrid’s Grid25 plans.  To date, we have managed to stall Eirgrid’s preferred option and carefully pre-determined plans for massive overhead high voltage power lines across Kildare, Laois and West Wicklow.

EirGrid’s New Draft Strategy
On the 27th March last, widespread media coverage was afforded EirGrid on the publication of its new Draft Development Strategy titled: ‘Your Grid, Your Views, Your Tomorrow’.
EirGrid now claim that they have three options for the GridLink route:

  • Overhead pylons;
  • An Underground solution (costing €800 million compared to €500 million for overhead) and
  • An Overhead solution using the existing pylon infrastructure but incorporating a new technology called ‘series compensation’ (Cost: €200 million).

Overhead Pylon option is still live
The EirGrid document is merely a draft strategy and, despite the three options offered, there are enough caveats contained within the document which allow EirGrid to choose their preferred original overhead pylon route.

We still need your help
A long, slow process now looms before our community can feel safe and comfortable with Eirgrid’s GridLink project plans.  And that is why we still need your help.
So let’s be clear, the pylon issue has not been resolved and we still need your continued support and participation.
Without your continued support to help us sustain the pressure on EirGrid, on our public representatives, and on the line Ministers responsible for the project, there is every chance that these pylons will be constructed.
We still need you, your family and your neighbours to lend your support to our focused campaigning.

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