Why You Still Need To Be Concerned

There are a number of reasons why the residents of Kildare, West Wicklow and Laois need to remain vigilant, active and concerned regarding EirGrid’s ongoing plans to construct their Grid Link route from Cork to Kildare.

As you may be aware, EirGrid recently published their Draft Development Strategy, suggesting two alternative options for the GridLink route, firstly, put the line underground using High Voltage Direct Current (HVVDC) technology and secondly, to introduce a new technology known as ‘series compensation’ which would put more power onto the existing lines.

Need to treat EirGrid’s GridLink draft options with ‘caution’
While the Grid Link Action Group welcome EirGrid’s acknowledgement that there are alternative technologies available other than the overhead 400kV HVAC line, we are asking you to consider the recent announcement from EirGrid with caution.

400KV Overhead Pylon route is still EirGrid’s preferred option
It is important to remember the recent announcement by EirGrid is a DRAFT strategy only and until the consultation process of the current stage is completed, and EirGrid announce the final technology they propose to use for the Gridlink Project, the 400KV overhead line still remains as one of the three options, and, let’s face it, is EirGrid’s preferred option.

GAG will continue to monitor and engage
GAG will continue to proceed with caution when dealing with EirGrid. We have spoken to other community groups along the GridLink route and they have expressed similar concerns, so we will continue to monitor developments.

So where to now?

Response to Draft Grid Development
The Grid Link Action Group are preparing a response submission to the Draft Grid Development documents issued by EirGrid in advance of the 22nd May 2015 deadline.

Request for extension to public consultation on Draft Strategy options
A request has been submitted to Minister White seeking an extension to the time allowed for those submissions on the grounds of the complexity of the technical content of the Draft Grid Development documents (4 booklets in total /200 pages).

May consider second mass response submission to reinforce objections to pylons
We may, in the future, consider it necessary to call on our supporters for assistance in connection with another mass response submission to reinforce our objections to pylons.

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