How much evidence is needed for a health risk decision?

Standards of evidence for decision-making,  as used in mathematical proof, scientific investigations, legal and public health.

Standards for Action

Standards for Action

Precaution necessary, because:

  • Involuntary Exposure
  • Association with cancers – classified as ‘possible human carcinogen’
  • Strongest association with childhood leukaemia
  • Responsibility on EirGrid to examine all possible alternatives

EirGrid literature (‘EMF & You’) misleading

  • Magnetic field exposures last only for as long as the appliances remain switched on.
  • Yet EirGrid compare EMF levels from hair dryers, TV’s and electric blankets to a 24 hour/7 days a week power line.
    This is totally misleading in that it is equating a situation of very short-term exposure with one of permanent exposure

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