What are the standards in Ireland for EMF compliance?

EMF Compliance levels

  • Voluntary
  • Weakest in Europe
  • Other countries up to 500 times more rigorous levels

Proximity to dwellings

  • Closest in Europe
  • 40 metres ‘aspirational’, not even committed
  • Other countries: at least 80 metres+

EMF/ELF  Database

  • No baseline EMF data collected in Ireland
  • No Agency appointed with responsibility for monitoring levels
  • Government responsibility shifted from DCENR to DOEHLG
    • But no progress on recommended actions from Expert Health Group Report in 2007

‘As a precautionary measure, future power lines and power installations should be sited away from heavily populated areas to keep exposures to people low’.

‘Health effects of EMF’. Expert Group on EMF, DCENR commissioned report, 2007

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